Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spiders - Ugh!


Things that heeby jeebies are made of.

I have an agreement with spiders....  I don't kill them outside the home and they don't come inside the home.  Unfortunately that memo doesn't make it to every spider in Florida and occasionally a spider creeps into our house.

Putting away Monkey's baby bath I happened to glance down the tub and there it was.  A memo-less spider.  A memo-less spider bigger then a half dollar.

Why is it that it's always the big ones that don't check their memos?

A Wolf Spider.

The things that sell tickets to horror movies.

I don't watch horror movies.  I certainly don't want one in my bathtub.

So here was my brief internal debate and dialog:

I can wait for Matt to get home.  He doesn't mind squishing things and it can't get out of the tub....probably.  What if it does get out of the tub? What if it gets out of the tub while Bug is using the restroom?  She'll never go in there again.  I may never go in there again and I know better.  What if she hurts herself trying to get away from it?  Ok I should squish it.  What if I squish it and it has babies and just seems to squish into a thousand more tiny creepy baby spiders?  What if one gets on me?!?  WHAT IF I MISS WHEN I TRY TO SQUISH IT AND IT GETS ON ME!!?? What if I hurt MYSELF trying to get away?  I can see the headlines now "Mom hospitalized after attempt to squish Wolf Spider"....

That is just a peek at the dialogue that ran through my head.  Not enough web space for the complete dialog of thoughts that went through my head in the (less than) 30 seconds it took from seeing the spider to squishing the spider.  In the end, the spider did not put up much of a fight. 

We have been giving Bug showers in our bathroom so I am not sure completely that it was entirely alive.  I actually think it was probably more dead now then alive looking back....they usually spot you when you spot them and move....this one never did....


It was still creepy picking it up with toilet paper and flushing it.

I need a hug.

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