Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!

I would officially like to add a Man's Dress shirt remade into a girls dress to my resume!  My first attempt at it.  It turned out better then expected considering it was a first try!  I love, love, love binding tape.  It not only makes the edges look better but my more then questionable hem between the dress fabric and the chest fabric looks SO much prettier now!

Here she is.  Think she likes it?
Man's Dress Shirt to Girls Jumper Tutorial - The only thing I did different is use a coordinating fabric for the chest and straps instead of making it all from the shirt.

Next on the list is making a coordinating dress for Emily!  TTFN

Monday, November 29, 2010

I caught the sewing bug

Ok.  I am not sure why I am so struck right now with this urgency to sew new things but I am.  We saw Katiebugs new nightgown and today I made her some easy peesy wrap pants.  The great thing about these pants is that they TIE on.  So there is A LOT of room to grow.  They are also very forgiving and beginner friendly.

Easy Breezy Wrap Pants Tutorial - Thank You Laupre!!

You can't tell in the picture but these are actually on upside down....easy fix.  Like I said these pants are very forgiving.  They will grow with Katie and hopefully the pair I make for myself will shrink with me :D
I also plan on getting her jumper from dad's dress shirt started today!!  I have already disassembled the shirt VERY carefully.  Wish me luck if it turns out how I am hoping then I will also be making a mini matching one with diaper cover for Emily.  Which is why I am STRETCHING the fabric as much as I can :D

Off I go! God Bless!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Katie's New Nightgown

Here is my first attempt at making Katie a nightgown from SCRATCH!....  I think all things considered it turned out really well.... You won't be seeing any close ups of the back :D

(Please excuse the bed head - she's been sick all weekend)
I have a favorite tab FULL of projects I intend to do...can you hoard links on your computer?  If so it is quite possible I am a virtual hoarder.  Finally decided to get one done so I could add it to my resume.

Here is the link to the nighty tutorial.  All I did different is make thicker straps and more length.  It is an amazing tutorial and she gives great pictures/illustrations.  She also has a lot of other fun projects that are currently saved in my virtual hoard.  In my Imgonna file!

Until next time :D  Next on the imgonna is making Katie and Emily somewhat matching dresses....out of some scrap fabric and a dress shirt...I FEEL LIKE MCGYVER!!!