Sunday, November 28, 2010

Katie's New Nightgown

Here is my first attempt at making Katie a nightgown from SCRATCH!....  I think all things considered it turned out really well.... You won't be seeing any close ups of the back :D

(Please excuse the bed head - she's been sick all weekend)
I have a favorite tab FULL of projects I intend to do...can you hoard links on your computer?  If so it is quite possible I am a virtual hoarder.  Finally decided to get one done so I could add it to my resume.

Here is the link to the nighty tutorial.  All I did different is make thicker straps and more length.  It is an amazing tutorial and she gives great pictures/illustrations.  She also has a lot of other fun projects that are currently saved in my virtual hoard.  In my Imgonna file!

Until next time :D  Next on the imgonna is making Katie and Emily somewhat matching dresses....out of some scrap fabric and a dress shirt...I FEEL LIKE MCGYVER!!!

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