Thursday, August 5, 2010

The First Day of the Rest of My Blog

Ok.  So this is it.  I have thought about "blogging" for sometime now.  So taking the plunge, diving in, and not fully understanding the butterflies dancing around in my tummy.  It's a feeling I (faintly) remember from the first day of school.  Will they like me?  Do I look "cool"?  What if I sound nerdy?  OH NO NOW I SOUND DESPERATE....

All going through my adult mind.  Me - Confident Woman.  Worried no one will want to play with me.  Silly right?

I enjoy writing and ESPECIALLY enjoy talking (typing?) about my girls and daily goings on.  This way at least everyone has the choice to listen (read?).  It is getting late here in my world which simply means the batteries are already on low and I need to get to bed soon but I was reading a favorite blog and was lead down the path to creating my own. 

As I start out I am HOPING that people find me and enjoy reading about our daily goings on.  I am PRAYING that there is someone out there that will read my blog and realize they are not alone some days and (yes) be glad some days that the 4 year old clipping out PATCHES OF HAIR with TOENAIL CLIPPERS is not their child (save that story for a future post :D).  A couple unintentional giggles as you read would be more then I am willing to ask for.  I am FEARFUL that I won't be interesting to anyone.  I'll be read and no one will want to come back and read again.  Except for maybe my mom....

......Or Worse.....

I do well and people expect me to continue to do so.

Not sure which one would be scarier.

Today I will focus on today.  Tomorrow will demand my attention soon enough.  Good Night All.  I hope I see you again soon.

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