Friday, August 6, 2010

The Power of a Smile

It's amazing how a smile is one of the first things you wait for from your little baby.

I get this just for walking up to her!! Lord help my Ego!!
 The sign that she knows you, likes you. An affirmation that you're doing a good job, she's happy. It's also something that even after 4 years it can still just steal your breath away. I don't think either of them understand the power that they hold in their smiles.
She "thinks" she's messing up my shot.
How one smile from his girls can change my husband's whole day.  Wiping away the bad and the ugly and replacing it with the knowledge that his two girls adore him.  His mood changed instantly with just a simple, adoring smile. 

In their smiles, possibilities are endless.  The world is still safe, the world is still an adventure to be had, to be taken with all the energy they have.  In their smiles, you see a future that you didn't have a the ability to dream about beforehand.

In their honest, loving, trusting smiles.... their pure belief that mom and dad can do anything.  The belief so strong that you can't help but start to believe it yourself.  Finding, through their belief, that you are capable of more then you thought possible.

In their smiles the knowledge of an unspoken promise mom and dad will keep them safe.  Fueling a desire in you to make sure that promise is never broken and a fear for the day that it will be.  Making a promise to yourself to keep that day as far in the future as possible.

The dangers & stresses of the world are only mere whispers lurking in shadows that hold no true form to them and won't for as long as is possible.  Whispers about bills, schedules, stranger danger.  Whispers about aches an ice pack won't fix and sickness that ice cream can't help.  Whispers that can be silenced by their laughter, however briefly. 

So today....we focus on our kids smiles.  What a wonderful thing to focus on! 

Ketchup Lipstick...... Once again her smile saves her.

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