Friday, March 9, 2012

Yummy New Product

I tried the new Kraft Fresh Takes Savory Four Cheese and could not be happier!  I followed the instructions for the meatloaf (I also used milk instead of water - a suggested extra in the recipe) and it was delicious.  Now I am A) a picky eater and B) Not a huge fan of meatloaf.  So for me to say it's delicious is HUGE.  I even went back for seconds!  I'll take pics next time to show just how easy it is but it can't possibly get any easier.  Measure out 1/2 cup of milk, 1lb (I'll probably use a but more then that next time)of beef and the Kraft Fresh take.  Mix it all together, put it on (or in) your pan shaped like a loaf of bread and cook for about 60min or until it hits a temp of 160. 

So if I were raised a shade worse I would literally be sitting with my pants unbuttoned purring on the couch.  I am delightfully full.  To compliment the meatloaf we had baked potato wedges (that baked at the same time as the meatloaf - just one rack lower) and I gave the girls mandarin oranges.

As soon as we get a grill I am going to try the hamburger version of this recipe.  Or take it camping next time we go.  YUM!

Off I go....

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