Friday, December 24, 2010

Warning - Glimpse of how my mind wanders in 3....2...1........

Does anyone else ever feel like the innkeeper? As I am taking steps to make tomorrow morning run that much smoother (laid out everyone's clothes, bag is packed for all contingencies, breakfast and highchair set up so Emily can go right in etc) can't help but feel like I am running a B&B getting the next day ready for my tenants.  Of course I am also getting it ready for myself.  Goodness knows the more I do in advance the better the morning will go but the thought did occur.

At least I would be like a 4 or 5 star B&B. 

How ironic....I probably could not afford to go to a B&B like the one I sometimes feel I run for my family.  Pretty sure if I ever go someplace that cooks all my meals, launders and puts away my clothes, cleans my room etc, it'll be at a point in my life where I have blue hair and false teeth and spunky and sassy have been added to the adjectives that are used to describe me.  My get up and go will have gotten up and left and my great great great grandkids will come see me the 3rd Sunday of every month.  Fighting over turns in my hoover chair when I am not in it.  I'll sneak them candy with there mom's and grandmothers very aware and intentionally oblivious.  Matt will tell them stories of when cars had wheels and drove on the ground, fueled by gas (that word will make the kids giggle), he'll tell them the same story every time they visit and they will pretend it's the first time every time he tells it.  My husband will still have eyes only for me chasing me in his hoover chair, he'll still posses an amazing ability to make me giggle (and blush!) like a 16 year old girl falling in love all over again every day.  For our 100th wedding anniversary we will have saved every penny to go to Disney Universe on the Moon.

Our room will have a view of the Galaxy.

.....and we're back.  My mind enjoyed the trip...did yours?  What are somethings you see if you just let go and imagine everything is possible in your future?  Sometimes allowing ourselves to let go and dream everything also gives us a glimpse of where are hearts are now... Where is the focus of your dream?  Do you need to adjust somethings so that your future becomes your present?  Is your dream focused more on things then people?  If so is that how you want it to be?  I can't glow with pride at a flatscreen tv but I look forward to bragging on my much if not more then I enjoy bragging on my girls :D

off to finish up the kitchen so we come home to a clean house tomorrow.  God Bless!
See you soon!

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