Monday, December 6, 2010


Could someone please let the weather know that I am in FLORIDA!!??  We are expected to get down around 25F here.  FLORIDA....I AM IN FLORIDA!!

I finally got the majority of our Christmas stuff up.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas time and decorating for it.  I have a few little tricks up my sleeve of things I plan to do for presents. 

I am going to go this Friday and get the makings to sew picnic blankets for my 2 sisters and my mom.  Hoping that my mom will actually use hers and not just put it someplace for safe keeping.  I'll make it a condition.  My neices and my girls go up every summer and swim and have picnics and I thought this would be the perfect gift. 

I got the idea here....

Tutorial for Picnic Blanket

I am going to do their blankets in green tones (my sisters and my mom all love green) and I am going to make my own blanket in red tones (Guess what my favorite color is?).  Should make for a great and easy (I HOPE) Christmas present.  I am really looking forward to thinking about each of them when I pick out the fabrics and sew it together.  I am hoping they end up as excited about this as I am about making it.

Off I go....I have some cleaning to do before shower and then bed:D  I recently got an Epic and there is a help you sleep App that really lulls me to sleep.  It's great.

God Bless!

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