Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is Coming.....

We have been collecting, plotting and planning for our girls for the past couple months and in 2 days time I am hoping the reaction equals the effort.  At 4 years old and 9 months old it's really not to hard to please.  Katie is thrilled that there are presents to open and Emily is just happy to be well...Emily.

I added the ribbon loops to attach Emily's toys to.  This way (hopefully) they will be hard to loose in the car.  She'll be able to let them go without necessarily loosing them.  It's also a good lug around size.

This is made of the Ultra snuggly fleece.  It is super soft.  Katie helped me pick out the fabric.  This will go in the crib with Emily.
I made a blanket for Katie too but had to wrap it quickly because she heard the sewing machine.  While I am looking forward to Christmas I am also looking forward to the New Year and our life settling back into a normal routine.  I made 3 blankets this Christmas.  They are wrapped and under the tree.

In January I am going to start making my mom and my sisters the picnic blankets for Christmas NEXT year.  I know impressive right?  If with all my good intentions I start before October I will be justly impressed with myself :D .  I am also going to make Matt a flannel blanket for his birthday in March.  I MAY make it a quilted flannel but not making any promises.

We are all set for Christmas.  Off I go..God Bless Everyone and I hope you have a blessed and happy Christmas and New Year.

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