Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stop Nagging - Encourage your kids independence AND Clean your house...

I believe they call it a win win win situation

If you have kids and you want them to do chores without having to sit on them and constantly nag this Chore System for the Kids over at "Home Made by Carmona" is the place to go.

Home Made by Carmona button
She has a lot of neat prinables and
good  DIY and organization tips.
Before this I was at my wits end with Katie.  Actually had hubby talk to her a couple times because it was taking her 3 hours to do a 15 minute job.  I needed something that would allow her to be independant, would allow me to step back and retire my "Nag of the Year" title and would leave both of us happy and feeling like something was accomplished.

That's when (thanks to Pinterest) I stumbled across Carmona's chore list.  It's GREAT!  This is a wonderful system that you can customize to fit your children's ages, needs etc.  I made one for Katie's Morning routine (before tv can be turned on) one for her evening routine (before tv or ds can be played) and one for her daily chores.  She's really doing well on it and even managed to clean their bathroom rather well (she's "letting" me do the toilet and the tub).  Company could come over, close their eyes, be guided through the house to the guest bath and open their eyes IN THE GUEST BATH.  The rest of the house is not quite so company ready.  Her room is also so much more neat and clean.  She's 7 in 2 weeks folks and kicking housecleaning butt.  I believe this system helps keep her focused and on task while allowing me to step back.  She understands that she can not do electronics/play before her work is done.  What is truly awesome is that this morning as she did her chores and I did mine we were a team.  It was a good feeling.  I could also tell she was very proud that she had accomplished her list and that she had done so without my having to scold, rub my temples while counting to ten or threaten to throw every electronic away.  It has really made the entire process much more peaceful in our house.

So did you use it or do you have a similar system?  How is it working for you? or do you need something like this in your home to help things go smoother?

God Bless!

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