Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camping in T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......DRIVE OFF!!!

Katie, My little sister Gracie (read Katie's BFF) and Emily - if she is awake it's impossible to get a non blurry shot.
They are superheros...though I feel I am stating the obvious.
As some of you may already know....I coupon.  I am NOT an extreme couponer in any way but I definitely save money and make our bucks stretch a lot farther then they used to.  For which my husband is extremely grateful!  I started in April 2010 and slowly but surely our bank account is showing the difference. point.  I have been buying things on sale WITH coupons to prepare for this trip.  It is our annual "Girls Only" Camping trip.  My darling hubby takes the camper to the campsite, helps me get everything set up, and then he leaves.  He'll return in 3 days to help me break everything down and bring the camper home. 

Sorry ladies....He's mine and I'll be holding on to him.

So. I have been building up the supply list for about 3 months now.  Only thing my sisters have to bring are their toiletries, one is bringing the fixings for smores, one is bringing the hot dog buns and bread for sandwiches and my mom gave me $10 for the doughnuts that will be each mornings breakfast. 

They love it.  I love getting to spend the weekend with them.  It is turning into an annual tradition.

Now I must go load the truck.  Hubby will be sleeping until we have to go get the camper.  He got off work at 6:30am, goes back at 7:30 PM and taking us to the campsite, setting it up and coming back will take approximately 5 hours.

I shall return with some CUTE camping pics.  Even better I will be doing a tutorial next week on some ways to make some cute recyclable sandwich/snack bags.  I am actually marrying to tutorials I saw.  It's my first tutorial so we'll see.

God Bless!!

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